Whether or not you’re business enterprise or a person wanting to receive service for you Laptop or computer, you can count on Computer Senseis to deal with all your technical needs. We understand that Computers make our lives and business easier. When they aren’t working, we’re tasked by other problems and we understand the importance of technology in today’s fast paced world.

We’re dedicated in providing quality and professional service right to your home or even to your workplace. Yes we provide mobile computer repair!

Our goal is to locate the problem and to create a solution. And objectively to avoid having the same problem from reoccurring. We understand your needs and focus on Service 1st and the computer 2nd.

We understand computers and we understand people. We avoid speaking geek or high technical terms to avoid any confusion on what the issue is or how we fixed it.

Phone: (204)-333-5538  or Email: computersenseis@gmail.com